Welcome to ABITH!

My Work

I carve pieces that sit on tables, hang on the wall and go out in the garden.
The list includes:

Lots of photos of everything are in the ABITH galleries. Links are above and at the top of the page.


In 2016 I began exploring another creative direction.

I take photos of my fish plaques and create an image that I then hand screen on to a t-shirt.

Then, after stumbling on an old box of Stelco carpet tacks I decided to dedicate some t-shirt time to Hamilton's manufacturing past.


The birds, fish, doll heads, t-shirts and other creations in this website are all a labour of love. Come in and have a look around.

The "Info" area tells you more about me and my work and how to get in touch.

The galleries show examples of my work including a few photos of birds in gardens.
Especially have a look at the real blue jay flirting(?) with a carved blue jay!

The "Fruit etc." link shows you a few of my carved fruit and vegetables.


Just email me at: